1. We went to the flea market today. This is what we bought.


  2. I wore this today.

    - Noah


    Our homie noahsahady is lookin pretty damn fresh today. He’s reppin @onabags as well with their sweet Bolton bag.


  3. Noah took some pictures of me for American Eagle’s Project Live Your Life. Go vote!


    Vote for Arlena Armstrong in American Eagle’s Project Live Your Life!


  4. Here’s an old one of Noah and myself.

    ~ Arlena

    Photo: Brennan McKissick in Nashville, TN


  5. arlenaarmstrong:

    Photo: Adam Naples

    Adam Naples snapped this photo of Noah and I at Old 82 about a month ago.



  6. Anonymous said: Just wondering what lenses Noah is currently shooting with?

    I primarily stick with a 50 & 35L when I shoot digital.



  7. Noah shot an AMAZING set while we were in the PNW.


    Full Story

    “To Explore”

    Photography: Noah Sahady + Models: André Kivijarvi & Lindsay Hansen + Art Direction/Styling: Bethany Olson & Noah Sahady + Assistants: Cory Staudacher & Arlena Armstrong

    A few months ago, I took a trip to the PNW to shoot an editorial for VNDL Magazine’s first issue.

    I have recently graduated college and have been hung up on the fact that I have not done enough exploring over the past four years. This photo set is a promise to myself that the next four years will be full of adventure and discovery.

    Hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out the full set of images.

    Thank you to everyone who helped out and made this happen. I love you all.


  8. This is Noah’s cat. He likes to take baths. 

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  9. This is Noah at Lake Cushman. 

    We traveled there with some great friends for Noah to shoot an editorial for VNDL Mag.

    Photo: Bethany Marie Photography

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  10. Noah and I had a great time in the PNW.

    We hope to go back very soon.

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